Thrilling Video Of Dog Saved By Dolphin


Dolphins are marvelous marine mammals that people are curious to learn more about. They’re smart, friendly, and social and even seem to enjoy our company as well. There are incredible stories about  Dolphins coming to the rescue of animals as well as man. They help to stave off any shark attacks.

This video is an incredible story of a playful dog that was washed away from the the yacht it was travelling on. It was easy prey in the shark infested sea. A shark was closing on the dog. A dolphin spotted the predatory shark moving swiftly towards its kill and the dolphin quickly intercepted the shark. It then moved towards the dog and gave the dog the ride of its life towards the yacht moving away in the distance. Once the dog was safe on the yacht it barked and wagged its tail in gratitude.The Dolphin did a wriggling jig on its tail fins and moved back to kiss the dog. A quiet friendship and a strong bond was established between the Dog and the Dolphin.