Tiny Hero Saves A Little Girl’s Birthday After Nobody Shows Up


A birthday party is the most important event of the year for any kid. Imagine how painful it must be if you invited all your friends and none of them showed up.

Yes, that’s what happened exactly to 5-year old Brooke Schermann from Texas last week. Her older sister, Brianna, took to Twitter earlier that day to wish Brooke a happy birthday. Sadly, not a single kid made it to the festivities.

Brooke was devastated until her true and best friend, Bryce, showed up to the party. Her sorrow turned into joy and the pair enjoyed the party together. Sometimes, one good friend is all it takes to create that moment in our lives that we will cherish forever.

Whether posing as mermaids, cowering in fear beneath a fake shark, or just hanging out arm-in-arm, this adorable pair made it a birthday to remember. Brianna quickly shared this heartwarming story on Twitter and it has gone viral.

Let’s admit, not all of us are lucky enough to have a friend like Bryce. What a guy!


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