This Tiny Japanese Chin and St Bernard Are Inseparable


When Japanese chin Lulu met Saint Bernard Blizzard for the first time, she immediately adopted him as a parent ‘‘because she was too young to be on her own.” Her favorite place was on his back when he was laying down and over time she got comfortable in this position.

Weighting as much as a pack of sugar, Lulu was quick to show 126 pound Blizzard who’s the boss here. Now whenever the two go for a walk or go on adventures, Lulu is always on the giant’s back.

The owner adds: “Blizzard is the most laid back dog and tolerant of everything, whereas Lulu is just the opposite.” Let’s just say Lulu wears the pants in the family, and Blizzard doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

This tiny Japanese chin Lulu literally rides on his back almost everywhere they go.

“Her favorite place was on his back when he was laying down”

“When he stood up, she would jump around constantly to get on his back” 

Lulu sure knows to show who the boss is here