These Transparent Creatures Are Sure to Blow Your Mind

The world around us is quite interesting. Did you know that there exists transparent creatures too, where you could literally see through them.
Peep inside their bodies and we are sure it will  blow your minds.

1.  The Glasswinged Butterfly

Look closely and you will be enchanted by the transparent wings of this butterfly. A feature very rarely found in most butterflies this butterfly is largely found in the regions of Central America. This butterfly uses its transparent wings to hide from its predators.

2.  Tortoise Shell Beetle

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Slightly flattened and squared at the shoulders, tortoise beetles‘ bodies are somewhat shell-like in appearance.They are native to the Americas.

3. Macropinna microstoma 

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This unusual fish is also known as transparent head fish. It is known to have a transparent head and tubular eyes.

4. Transparent Frog 

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One can see clearly through their bodies. The organs, skeletons and even the beating heart is clearly visible.

5. See Through Snail 

It’s very tiny, with a swirled, translucent dome-shaped shell. It’s definitely quite bizarre.