Treehouses: Nestled in The Arms of Nature and Off the Dusty Track

If you were one of those kids who loved hiding from everyone and just dreamed of having a tree house where you could secretly set up your house away from your parents or still are, these tree houses from around the world are definitely a visual treat for you. Some of these are also hotels and restaurants. But definitely amidst the rat race of life these beautiful places provide a moment to relax.

1.   Naha Harbor Diner, Japan

Atop a 20 feet banyan tree lies a pan asian restaurant amidst the branches. This restaurant is easily accessible by a spiral staircase back and an in-trunk elevator, the restaurant specializes in locally grown and organic harvested foods fresh from the farm. If you are visiting Okinawa, this restaurant in Banyan town is a must see.

2. Treehouse Tetsu

Amidst the beautiful pink cherry blossoms lies a fantasy land.  This tree house in Hokuto, Japan is supported by a single cypress trunk and was built by architect Terunobu Fujimori for the Kiyoharu Shirakaba Museum.

3.  Soneva Kiri Treepod

Located at a remote Thai Island, this tree top restaurant is the best way to enjoy a romantic meal. Sitting atop 16 feet the ground amidst the lush green forest this is a destination you got to visit.

4. Mirror Tree House

The tree hotel is located in the northern part of Sweden and blends seamlessly with the landscape creating stunning visuals.

5. The Burning Man Steampunk Tree house

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Located at Milton, Delware this tree house representative of a mutually beneficial relationship between people and nature. The House component itself is built of recycled wood, clockwork components and steel, styled after the Victorian age of architecture.

6. Beach Rock Tree House 

Located in a private island in Japan, this tree house provides a moment of peace from the urban hustle bustle.

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