Turn A Soap Bubble Into an Enchanting Crystal Ball

There is always something good that comes out of something bad.
Most of us complain about the chilly winters as it being a bad weather to do anything.
But nature and its marvelous creations never fail to surprise us. For most this bad weather can be a the most mesmerizing sight if we grab on to the opportunity of watching soap bubbles freeze.

The art of bubble freezing only happens when the weather is really really cold.

But unfortunately this jaw dropping sight doesn’t last very long. As ice crystals form in the bubble’s surface, something else forms along with them: cracks.
According to Popular Science “This means that any air trapped inside the sphere suddenly escapes. As air molecules diffuse through the tiny cracks between ice crystals, the sudden drop in internal pressure causes the bubble to implode, crushed by the force of the atmosphere.”

But if you were ever lucky to see these frozen bubbles in real you will realize that these are definitely a sight to behold.

But until you do, these images are sure to take your breathe away.

Amaze Balls

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Truly incredible

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Crystal Ball

An inverted sunset

The best for the last

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Watch photographer Chris Ratzlaff, take the opportunity to freeze soap bubbles in Calagary.