This Underground Fun Fair Should Be On Your Bucket List

Theme parks are fascinating and a lot of fun. But, what if we told you that you had to go down 120 m to visit a theme park.
We are definitely not kidding, the Salina Turda, located in Turda, Romania is an underground theme park that is inside one of the oldest salt mines in the world.

This fascinating salt mine dates back to 17th century and was once used as a cheese storage place too.

Long and Endless Corridor

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Now, it is transformed into a theme park that has an amphitheater, bowling alley, a lake that is used for boating and a Ferris Wheel too.

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Be sure to play some pool while you are there.

You will be wowed at the rugged caverns.

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Take a tour of this marvelous wonderland in this video:


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