Vietnam’s Swat Team shocks the world with unique wall climbing technique

This is Spiderman in real life!

With no ropes or ladders, this amazing video footage captures a Vietnamese SWAT team using a wooden pole to climb a third-storey balcony at a block of flats in seconds.

This Vietnamese tactical team has a rather unorthodox – but pretty impressive way – of sneaking into a building unannounced.

Rather than rappelling in from above using ropes, or scaling the walls with nets and ladders, the acrobatic SWAT team manage to climb onto a third-storey balcony using nothing but a wooden pole.                                                                                                                                                                         

Amazing footage of the SWAT team in action shows them leaning a pole against a 30ft-high wall of a block of flats and climbing up one by one.

As one of the men on the ground trains his gun on their target address above, the others limber up the pole. 

Even the large weapons slung over their shoulders do not throw them off balance, as they make their sneaky entrance. 

Scaling the wall at a 90 degree angle with no ropes, safety nets, or harnesses, the lithe police officers manage to make it up to the balcony in seconds. 

Their ingenious way of sneaking in allows them to approach the flat unannounced and in virtual silence.

The footage shows a crowd gather to watch the slick operation from the ground below. 

People watch in awe as three of the swat team surround the third-floor apartment while the remaining two members stay on the ground with their guns pointed towards their target.

The impressive footage has been viewed more than 10,000 times since it was posted online, and people from around the world have commented expressing their admiration.

One said: ‘I’m from the USA. This is amazing! Really talented and professional display of Tactical Training! Well done!’

While another said: ‘Nifty idea. Execution was good.’ 

And a third said simply: ‘Cool. Real Ninja.’ 

Prepare to be amazed. This is real-life Ninja stuff!

Courtesy: wired,