Watch Adorable Toddler Mimic Stallone while watching ‘Rocky’


Here’s something to brighten up your  day.

An adorable video of diaper-clad toddler has gone viral online, as he imitates Sylvester Stallone’s training montage from the famed boxing movie “Rocky II.”

In a Facebook clip posted by his father, Zack Magilavy, “Little Charlie” is seen in front of a television in his Cleveland home moving in sync with Rocky’s workouts.

Magilavy jokingly wrote that his son takes the workouts very seriously and that “it brings a smile to our face every time he asks to ‘work out with Rocky.’”

As seen in the two-minute clip, Charlie enthusiastically copied the shadow-boxing scene, the one-armed push-ups and the famous wood chopping exercise. He even showcased his athleticism, as he hopped along with an imaginary jump rope.

Once exhaustion brought Rocky to his knees, Charlie went down as well, but not for long, as he quickly jumped back to his feet.

As of this story’s writing, the video has received more than 2 million views and been shared over 49,000 times.

Thousands of commenters marveled at how adorable and talented the child was, while others called him a boxer in the making.

His father, meanwhile, was astonished at the clip’s sudden popularity and asked viewers to keep the negative comments to themselves.

“No we do not allow him to watch the fight scenes and yes his tv time is very limited,” he wrote.

He also invited the people who enjoy the images of the entertaining toddler to go ahead and share the video.

“Who knows, maybe it will make it back to Sly,” he added.

The news of “Baby Balboa” soon made its way to Stallone himself, who shared the story on his personal Twitter account.

Watch the heartwarming video: