The wisdom of a third grade dropout will change your life

Go from making an impression to an impact. Six simple lessons modeled by an uneducated man were powerful enough to produce a Ph.D., a judge, an orthopedic surgeon, and a lifetime of wisdom. Imagine how these lessons will impact you!

Rick Rigsby learned from his Dad an amazing practical wisdom that everyone can use!
Some home-grown wisdom which is absolutely inspiring from his book…
‘The great disconnect is between an older generation of doers verses a contemporary generation of viewers.
‘You may know some who represent this generation. They are remarkable in their simple yet profound work ethic. They represent an era of people who valued their work and took pride in doing a good job. They were hardworking, decent people who arrived early to the job, did not run from responsibility, and gave maximum effort. Their work habits were not for show. Doing a good job simply was a way of life.’
‘An interruption in the flow of wisdom will not necessarily threaten technological supremacy. Few eras have witnessed the technology boom of the twentieth century. However, an interruption in the transfer of wisdom produces an invisible malaise just as destructive as sickness, war, and famine.’
‘A culture whose leaders neglect to model wisdom produces teams and organizations in a similar manner. The outcome is a society in great peril – a society that seeks simple solutions for complex problems. Such a society is satisfied with mediocrity as long as workers put in eight hours. The environment produces workers who emphasize appearance over substance, personality over principle, and convenience over character. What good is technological supremacy without authentic leadership? What good is an information superhighway without trustworthy travelers?’
‘Always place character above gifting.’
‘It is a void produced by everyday citizens who do not take pride in what they do, would rather finish first than do things right, and would rather look good than be good. Our goal in the new millennium is to make a good impression.’
This is just a small taste of the godly principles in this book