Woman Uses 13000 Coins To Recreate Floor


People usually don’t value pennies much and if they see it fallen somewhere, won’t even bother picking it up. However, Tonya Tooners from Portland has discovered a new and novel way of using them. With the aim of creating an amazing design for her floor, she started to gather and sort pennies.

Tonya was able to collect a whopping 13,00 pennies that cost her 130 dollars. She made it using three $50 bags of pennies along with Elmer’s, wood filler, grout, and some expensive epoxy. She admits that the decor project was a tiresome undertaking.

Tonya writes, “I started by measuring the area [of the room] and finding the center.”  Afterwards, she drew an axis as a guide and started gluing the coins in a diamond shape. A striking visual contrast came by purposely using different colored pennies .

With no particular design in mind, she says “just started with the diamonds, liked how it looked and kept going.” To give it a distinctly vintage feel, Tooners created a border once she got to the edge.

The toughest part of this DIY project was definitely arranging the pennies. One look at the floor now and you’ll agree that her efforts have really paid off!

Here’s How It All Started…

Different Colored Pennies To Create a Contrast

After gluing All The Pennies

The Floor Comes To life

(h/t: mymodernmet)