The World’s Most Enchanting Streets

Walking down mesmerizing streets could be like a dream come true for many. We compiled a list of 5 of the most beautiful streets around the world for you to stroll on. These streets also provide a great photo opportunity.

So make sure to snap a picture or two.

1.  San Fransisco, California 

San Fransisco’s Lombard street is known for its curvy and crooked turns. This 8 hair pin turn is a one section block that is really steep.

2. Jerez de la Frontera, Spain 

Take a walk under the Historic cobbled street of this beautiful city. This city is known for it’s exclusive wine. This street is shaded by grape wines.

3.  Bonn, Germany

Step into a pink wonderland at the cherry blossom tunnel.

4. Ágitagueda Art Festival, Portuguese

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The Umbrella Sky Project started in 2011, as a part of the Ágitagueda Art Festival. These colorful umbrellas provide a shade to the people during the summer.

5. Naflplio, Greece 

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This elegant street in Greece is indeed a great photo opportunity.

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