The World’s Tiniest Houses

Seems like the world is now starting to believe that small is the new big, if you know what I mean. More and more people around the world are trying to move into smaller and tinier houses and the trend is catching up fast.
These 5 tiny houses around the world are so cool that they will make you want to move in immediately:

    1. Insta – Bunkie

This under 10 square meter house fits everything from an ethanol burning fireplace, foldable chairs and table, hidden storage, and a queen sized Murphy bed that folds down from the wall or ceiling.

2. House on Wheels

I am always fascinated by houses on wheels, well maybe that’s also to do with the fact that its so portable and easy. And when you have so many windows, I couldn;t have asked for more.

3. Rock Climbers House 

A dream house for every rock climber. Enjoy a little adventure while staying here.

4. Polka Dot House

This looks like a really compact concept and modern too. What do you think?

5.  Das Park Hotel 

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This hotel in Germany, is one of the most innovative we have ever seen. Made from refurbished drain pipes.